How to win at online slots

There are no 100% sure methods to win at online slots.

One key thing is being able to stop at the right time.

But what is the right time?

Well let’s get some clarity because a question we are often asked. 

Many players do not stop playing after having a big win because they think they can win even more by continuing to play.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that it can’t happen; in fact, some time ago in Bergamo they won 100,000 euros on an online slot precisely because of 3 wins that happened almost in succession.

Unfortunately, however, continuing to play can also lead to losing all the winnings.

That is why it is essential to always keep an eye on the budget played.

Calculating the budget for playing slots

Calculating the budget

The budget for playing slot machines should be chosen before starting a game.

All amounts played must be subtracted from this budget.

Winnings are not added to the chosen budget.

Only in this way can you be sure to really stop at the right time.

Example your budget €1000.

During the game you won €500 by playing €800 in total.

Your remaining budget will be €1000-800= €200.

You should not add the €500 won to your remaining buget for any reason.

In such a situation like this where you have lost more than 50% of your budget you can choose to continue playing the last €200 and hope for another win or stop and try again another day.

I repeat never ever play even the €500 won because that would be exceeding your chosen budget.

Likewise you will have to stop even in case you are in the positive. You can at any time choose to stop or move on but never play more than the budget you had chosen and never add the winnings to the budget.

This is the secret to stopping at the right time.

How to Hack Online Slots

Online slot machines have very complex systems that are difficult to hack, however, it is not necessarily impossible to get winnings by tampering with the casino software.

Unfortunately for you, even in the event that you managed to hack into the system and hack the slot you are playing with, the casino would withdraw all your winnings and freeze your account soon after.

Moreover, even in the case of software error winnings that are not due to your tampering, the casino has by contract the right to withdraw winnings that happened by mistake.

Slot machine passwords

Recently “Hyenas” also talked on TV about a system that allows you to win at slot machines by exploiting passwords.

According to the report, hackers managed to pocket up to 50,000 euros a month through this technique.

He would hack slot machines throughout Italy, discovering when it was time that they were about to release winnings.

After that, the hacker, or whoever, would go around playing and collecting the winnings.

Of course, we are speaking in the past tense because the hacker was arrested by the financial police.

Entering a state system with state-regulated devices is highly illegal and you risk being arrested for fraud.

We strongly advise against even trying to hack a slot machine because in addition to losing the amount you win and the amount you play, you also risk legal problems

Playing safely risks and how to set game limits

Playing safely risks

Whether you are an expert or a beginner, it is good not to overplay.

Online casinos give you the option of setting your own weekly spending limits. Once the limit is exceeded, the casino will block your bets. Setting this limit before you start playing is important because during the game you will easily lose track of the money wagered and the time spent playing.

In addition, the web is always full of scam sites (scam) that have the united intent to cheat users. Before registering at a casino you should always check that the portal is ADM(formerly AAMS) certified.

The secrets of slot machines

Certainly, those who decide to switch from the free version to the paid version must be aware of the game and when it is appropriate to leave a game. These things are learned with experience so the best way is to learn with free online slots.

Slot machines, like many other games of chance, can involve prizes and winnings but not always. The experienced gambler thinks he or she knows when it is time to quit and when continuing can generate a hit.

In reality, experience matters little because slot machines, not being a skill game, do not allow the player any initiative. The player will never know when the slot will generate a win.

Moreover, thanks to slot machine reviews you will be able to know in which casino you can find your favorite slot and under what conditions.

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