Casino Christmas Gift

Things are often quickly bought and given away without being really meaningful. Yet gifts that bring lasting joy make more sense.As sharing your credentials for Bizzo Casino login. Here you have alternative gift ideas for Christmas and Co. Many of the common Christmas gifts are not only unimaginative, they often harm the environment, health or the people who make them. We show you how to give sustainable and meaningful gifts from now on!


Christmas Gifts

Sturdy bread box instead of an old box of chocolates

Chocolates are a rather unimaginative gift – if they are not homemade.

A stainless steel bread box, on the other hand, makes it easier for the recipient to eat something healthy e.g. leftovers from dinner more often during the lunch break instead of unhealthy takeaways that also cause a lot of waste.

Sustainable fashion instead of sweatshop clothes

Instead of H&M vouchers or branded sweaters, this year there is fair and sustainable fashion under the tree! Whether it is socks for dad, a scarf for mom or a handbag for your best friend, even classic gifts can be exciting – if they’re produced without exploitation. 

Sensible gifts: Drink bottles instead of alcohol

Bubbly, whiskey and wine are given as gifts on all kinds of occasions, and that’s why most people have more than enough of them sitting around. A drinking bottle for on the go, on the other hand, is a gift for every day that also protects the environment: Environmentally harmful plastic bottles can be stolen from the recipient from now on.

Fair bookshop instead of Amazon & Co.. Alternatives to Amazon

The best place to buy books is your local bookstore. But there are also good alternatives to the usual stores when buying online: Fair online bookstores such as the Utopia recommendation Buch7, Ecobookstore or Fairbuch are just as fast and inexpensive as the big retailers – and they also support sustainable projects.

There you will find lots of information and tips, divided into 52 themed weeks – from the minimalist closet to the vegetable garden on the balcony to the sustainable bathroom.

In addition, special impulse pages each week give you the impetus to dare something new, overcome reservations and gather strength for change.

Organic perfume instead of toxic fragrances

Casino Christmas Gift

Advertising throws around promises of love and success – no wonder perfumes are popular Christmas gifts. What conventional fragrances like Chanel No. 5 do to the body is not entirely clear. But it is known that many industrial fragrances have a high allergy potential or can act like hormones.

We recommend instead as a more meaningful gift: organic perfume.

Meaningful gifts: time together instead of a new watch. Give time as a gift and create wonderful memories. Many people wear watches as status symbols, yet they also make us rushed. Do not gift your loved ones with things, but rather with a shared experience: a hike in the countryside, tickets to a theater or concert, a cooking evening, a wellness day together.

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