100-spin method for online slots

method for online slots

The 100-spin method for online slots aims to make the player enter the special mode of a slot machine.

This mode has different names depending on the slot. 

The player is entitled to freespins which, in many cases, have much higher win multipliers than the normal mode of play.

Unfortunately, you will never be certain when the slot will dispense the free spins.

A good method is to choose at the beginning of the game your budget and the spins to be made on the slot so you can be sure not to overspend and stop at the right time.

Hence precisely the trick the 100-spin method in which you set up a slot machine so that it performs 100 spins automatically with the chosen bet value.

Let’s take an example

On the slot Gonzo’s Quest, the special game mode is called Free Falls. These are free spins that are given out after certain symbols are released. Once you enter this mode you will activate multipliers that are much higher than the normal game mode. Think the highest is X15 that is, it will multiply the amount you have won by 15 times.

Let’s see how this method works

how this method works
  1. Choose your budget and divide it by 100
  2. Set your game lines according to the result of the division.
    1. Let’s take an example with numbers again with the slot Gonzo’s Quest. 
      1. Suppose your budget is €1000. Let’s then do the calculation to see the bet to be made on each spin:
      2. 1000/100= 10
      3. 10€ will be the maximum bet to be made on each spin. In some slots, in addition to being able to choose the bet value, you can also choose the number of lines to bet on. With the 100-number method, it doesn’t matter whether you choose €2 as your bet on 5 lines or €1 on 10 lines. The important thing is that the maximum bet does not exceed what you have chosen. Otherwise, if you lose, you may exceed your budget.
      4. You cannot change the bet value after the slot has entered the special mode. That is why it is important to use the right amount so that you can aspire to a higher payout during the special mode precisely because that is the mode in which the slot releases higher winnings.
  3. Set the slot to automatic mode for 100 spins
  4. Set the Stop in case of Free Falls
  5. Within 100 spins, if you enter the special mode (freefalls on Gonzo’s Quest which we took as an example), the slot will exit the automatic mode.
  6. Play the Free Falls and cross your fingers.
    • At this point you have entered the special mode. The slot will continue to bet the amount you chose at the beginning for several Freespins. Each win will trigger a multiplier, which in some slots such as Gonzo’s Quest, goes up to x15.
  7. At the end of the special mode stop and collect your winnings.
    • Stopping at the right time is also crucial to winning. The best time is definitely after you have played the freespins and, if luck has been on your side, have recouped the amounts spent during previous bets
  8. Stop after entering the special mode even if you have budget and spins to spare.
    • Slots do not often release winnings. If you were lucky, don’t try your luck any further because it may take another 100 or more spins to get another win.
  9. If you have not entered the slot machine’s special mode, stop.
    • If you have reached this point you have unfortunately used up your budget. 

You will then only be able to replay another day (or month or year) depending on the budget you had decided at the beginning.

Never spend more than the budget you chose to play.

Use this method of gambling sparingly and remember that there are no sure-fire ways to win at any gambling game.

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