Playing Baccarat Online

In this section, we’ll take a close look at how Baccarat is played in online casinos. We then explain the advantages and disadvantages and give tips on how to use the differences to your own advantage.

Online casino vs casino

In the casino there used to be a real party atmosphere. All guests dressed up in classy evening wear. Today, the dress code in the casino is not quite as strict. However, you can still have a nice evening in the casino.

In the online casino it is more comfortable and stress-free. You can get your drinks from your own fridge. It’s cheaper, but less glamorous. You can play 24 hours a day, around the clock. There is no direct eye contact, but you can watch the dealer at work via video stream.

Live Dealer vs Baccarat Software

The live stream is of course only available in the live casino at the internet tables with real dealers. There is also Baccarat software with an animated table. There a random number generator is used, which decides about victory and defeat.

With this RNG (Random Number Generator), the game of Baccarat runs quickly and without frills. However, the whole thing lacks a bit of flair that only comes when you go to work with a real card game.

Real money vs free Baccarat

Real money vs free Baccarat

On the other hand, you can play software baccarat for free, which is not possible with the live dealer version. As an alternative to playing for free, however, you can first watch a few rounds of play in the live casino. This way, you will quickly get a feel for how the live baccarat game is played.

Live Dealer Tables

When playing table games at the live casino, you are directly connected to a live dealer. This is true for Baccarat, but also for Roulette, Blackjack and Craps. The cards are shuffled normally and you can see your own cards via table camera.

You can place your own bet via buttons on the screen and follow the game via video transmission. The dealer moderates the game, as a player you can write with other players in a live chat. The dealer also sees the chat and responds verbally.

Providers for online Baccarat with real dealers

The most famous host for live dealer casino games is Evolution Gaming, which also offers a few baccarat games. Other live baccarat providers that you can play at some online casinos are:

  • Vivo Gaming
  • Pragmatic Play
  • Playtech


The buttons for betting are kept in German, the dealer himself – who is mostly female, by the way – guides through the game in English. School English is quite sufficient here. Firstly, the game is self-explanatory anyway and secondly, there are rarely English or native English speakers. Because English is a foreign language for the dealers themselves, they speak relatively slowly and clearly.

On the other hand, if you want to play baccarat 100% in German, you have to go directly to a casino.

Possible stakes

A big question is also the one about the possible game stakes. In the casino, you can often get in from 5€ per game. In the online casino, the minimum bet for Baccarat is 1€ or even more, depending on the table. At most, you can risk up to several hundred euros at each table, sometimes even more than a thousand euros.

Payout ratio and winning possibilities

Payout ratio

Baccarat in the basic game is a table game with decent odds, but also with moderate winning possibilities. The winnings in the basic game are:

  • almost double the bet (bet the bank wins, x 1.95)
  • double the stake (bet the player wins)
  • 8 times the stake (bet on a draw)

With the side bets you can sometimes win even more. The side-bet 2 pairs, which is available online in Evolution Gaming’s baccarat games, pays out 30 times the stake.

Mobile gaming

Online casinos have to some extent slept through the leap away from laptops to cell phones and tablets. Now, however, you can play live dealer games like baccarat on your smartphone without any glitches. All you really need is a reasonably stable Internet connection – just like with a computer.

Whether it’s Android or iPhone doesn’t really matter, as the game is optimized for all popular brands and models.


With the casino bonus is such a thing. In the online casino you get free credits and free spins actually thrown at every corner. However, if you want to play online Baccarat, you have to be careful.

In most cases, the bonus offers are only valid for slot machines. If you want to play baccarat or other table games, you have to focus on special live casino bonuses, which are relatively rare.

Instructions for online real money Baccarat play

If you want to play baccarat for real winnings at an online casino, you can do so relatively easily. To play baccarat online, you need to follow steps:

  • Register at an online casino with Baccarat for free (see list above).
  • Load the player account with funds (numerous payment methods available)
  • Open a Baccarat game (most of them are located in the respective live casino area)
  • Operate the betting menu and off you go

You can also watch a round in the Live Casino first if you want. If you win while playing, then you can of course withdraw the money.

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